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Demonstration Continues at Sana’a University

In spite of their modest number, which did not exceed 300 protesters, a majority of whom were students whose numbers increased gradually on the tenth day of sustained protests calling for the president to step down.

The gathered demonstrators repeated slogans expressing their dissatisfaction with the President and the situation in Yemen. They chanted “Ba’ad Mubarak, Ya Ali,” “Leave, leave,” and “O for shame, you open fire on us.”

The protesters has were arrayed their own corner and appeared unarmed, while they paused to pray for those who passed away or were injured in past days’ events.

Security members were seen dressed in civilian cloths supervising the situation, and apparently using their mobile phones to communicate with friends in other part of the city.

Ali al-Ansi, a policeman attempting to guide traffic, said, “they have the right to express themselves and Yemen is passing a hard time and should focus on the economy and challenges.”

The gathering is supported by the university students’ union, but they are not a big number,” said al-Ansi.

Jafa’ar Nasser, student at Sana’a University, said, “a little group with a desire of change is much better than thousand who look for their after their own interests.

“Freedom for Yemen with out Ali,” he proceeded to chant.