Public Discontent at Wage Hike Strategy


Employees from all over the republic expressed their resentment for having the Yemeni government implement the third phase of its wages strategy.

The raises being allocated especially to senior employees in the president’s inner circle, the government, ministers, and general managers.

Senior employees are paid an amount of YR 20 thousand extra in the salary strategy, despite what their already high salaries, operational budgets exceeding millions, in addition to the cars, apartments, real estate bonuses, health insurance, and many other privileges.

According to its critics, the strategy neglected regular employees whose basic salary is not enough for them to cover daily family expenses, as the authorities have allocated only between YR 5000 to 7000 for them, though this strategy is ostensibly aimed at helping the regular employee.

While the salary hike was small, people on the payroll of trade unions and the teachers union of Professional Education received the benefits as well.

The president, vice president, prime minister and deputy prime minister had an increase in salary nearly YR 20 thousand.

The degree 1-10% increase of salaries amounted from 15000 to 20000 for employees holding bachelor’s degree and general directorships.

An 11-20% increase was allocated to teachers and junior employees.

There was a YR 5000 to 7000 for teachers and junior employees

For senior employees whose salaries amount to YR 80 thousand minimum and YR 260 thousand maximum, and for general directors from YR 46,000 up to YR 65000 for bachelor’s degree holders among the regular employees.

Teachers and regular employees and teachers are slated to have their standard salaries increase from between YR 20 thousand to YR 30 thousand.

Many employees in the government asked that the Yemeni authorities reconsider the wages strategy and they described it as unfair and that it serves the upper class instead of the middle class.