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Ruling Party MPs Resign Membership

By Saleh Almansoub

Ten members of the GPC withdrew from the parliament session on Saturday in preparation to submit their resignation from their party membership and to form an independent bloc.

The representatives withdrawal sent sharp criticism to the Council on the situation, which they described as a crisis which was weakening the economy of the country, and as a suppression of the peaceful demonstrations that demand the change of the regime.

According to Abdul Aziz Jabbari, one of the MPs, the representatives walked out in protest against Parliament Council Presidency which barred the right to talk frankly about the situation the country is in.

They called on security and military agencies to provide an opportunity for citizens to express their views and not to take sides.

He pointed out that the representatives intended to submit their resignations from General People’s Congress to protest the worsening situation in the country and the silence of parliament about it.

The following representatives withdrew from the Council: Abdu Bishr, Abdul Aziz Jabbari, Ali Mamari, Abdullah Sharaf Al-Naghmani, AbdulSalam Hishol Zabia, Abdul Karim al-Aslami, Khaled Mjod Alsaadi, Abdul Hamid Hariz, Khalid Missar, AbdulBari Dogesh, AbdulKarim Jadban.

The  total number of the Council members is 301, of whom 238 are of the General Popular Congress Party .

In Sana’a, six students were wounded on Saturday in clashes with supporters of the Yemeni regime in the vicinity of  Sana’a University.

A student, shot in the neck, was reported killed, but apparently survived his wounds and remains in stable condition in hospital.

Pro-government supporters, armed with guns, batons and stones, tried to enter the campus which lead the students to respond by throwing stones, the policemen did not intervene but they had closed the roads leading to the university.

Ali Abdullah Saleh described what is happening as “an act of sabotage” which comes from a “hidden agenda” and conspirators “whose projects have failed.”

“Their project in 1994 has failed and it remains under the ashes. Now, fever and chaos came via broadcasting channels to power violence and vandalism.”

He stressed that there is a “foreign agenda and conspiracy against Yemen, its security and stability.”

In his speech to the founding conference of civil society organizations, which was held on Saturday in Al-Shawkani hall Police College in Sana’a, he said, “we have built the homeland brick by brick and now there are shovels for demolition.

“They want to destroy what we have built maliciously and enviously. all of this has been achieved at the hands of young people, workers, peasants, and at the hands of all honest men in Yemen.”

He noted that it is the right of any citizen to express his view peacefully and express his opinion through the press, and there are many democratic ways to speak peacefully, and that anyone can express his opinion without cutting the path of dialogue.”

He added, “he who wants the Power, he should come with us towards the ballot boxes. Yemeni people will face the elements of destruction and conflict without law and order.”