Yemen LNG and Society for Humanitarian Solidarity Sign Agreement to Support Refugees at Mayfa’a

Yemen LNG signed early February a new three year agreement with the Society for Humanitarian Solidarity (SHS) in a steadfast commitment to continue to support the efforts of the SHS and UNHCR in delivering assistance to African migrants landing in the coastal areas around Balhaf, Gulf of Aden; as well as the UNHCR Refugee Camp at Mayfa’a, Shabwah Governorate. The agreement was signed between Yemen LNG General Manager Mr. François Rafin, and the Founding Director of SHS, Mr. Nasser Bagnoob.

“We cannot ignore the distress of the refugees who leave their home country and sail across the Gulf of Aden”, François Rafin stated at the signing event. “Yemen LNG is committed to support the efforts of the UNCHR and of SHS in favor of these refugees”, François added.

The signing was witnessed by the UNHCR Representative in Yemen, Mrs. Claire Bourgeois, who noted appreciation for the recognition of UNHCR actions in Yemen. “We value the financial and logistical support extended by Yemen LNG and delivery of assistance for distressed refugees arriving in the coastal areas of the Gulf of Aden”, Mrs. Bourgeois stated.

With complete sponsorship from Yemen LNG, the SHS has been providing humanitarian support since 2007 for refugees who make it to the coast of the Gulf of Aden, where they receive medical care, food and water at the Yemen LNG Refugee Transfer Facility in Balhaf, before they are transferred to the UNHCR Refugee Camp at Mayfa’a. Over the last five years, more than 30,000 refugees have been assisted at the Yemen LNG Refugee Transfer Facility. The refugees, mostly from Somalia, comprised 73% of men, 21% of women and 6% of children.

The Yemen LNG liquefaction plant is located at Balhaf on the Gulf of Aden, where more than one hundred LNG carriers call each year at the Balhaf terminal.

SHS is a non-profit Yemeni organization. It was established in 1999 in Shabwah Governorate, with the aim to provide relief and humanitarian assistance to categories in need including construction of schools, and provision and management of reception centers, clinics and services for refugees in Yemen.

The UNCHR is an organization of the United Nations and established its operations in Yemen in 1992 in response to the large-scale influx of Somali refugees. In liaison with government authorities, international and local NGOs and with the support of the private sector, the agency’s primary purpose is to safeguard the rights and well-being of refugees.