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Yemeni Rights Organizations Condemn Violence

Human rights organizations have condemned violence against protesters and are demanding the resignation of the Interior Minister and the commander and chief of staff of the Central Security.

They hold the president responsible for all the violations of rights and call on countries of the world to an immediate cessation of any support for security services.

Civil Society Organizations, signed below, followed with deep concern the bloody developments that accompanied the peaceful protests of the Yemeni citizens in the governorates (Aden, Sana’a, Taiz) which led to the widely spread deaths and injuries. They reiterate their strong condemnation for resorting to excessive violence against demonstrators by members of the Authority. They emphasize the following:

–           it is no longer acceptable that the authorities argue that the clashes are between the two groups of demonstrators, where it is certain, according to witnesses and several sources, that the attacks are driven by the gangs of the leaders in the General People’s Congress and local authorities and by the full complicity of the security services.

– The public security systems and the central security and their personnel must assume responsibility for bloody attacks which led to the deaths in the province of Aden, and not at the hands of any others

– Systematic attacks on journalists and photographers of Arab and foreign news agencies are the responsibility of the instigators of violence from ruling party leaders in addition to being a direct result of the official campaign of incitement.

Accordingly, all organizations are demanding the following:

– the Removal of the Interior Minister and the Commander and Chief of Staff of the central security office and their trial.

– the Removal of security directors of Aden, Sana’a and Taiz provinces and their trial

– the Removal of Aden, Sana’a and Taiz governors due to their role and complicity in the attacks on peaceful demonstrators

– the identification of those instigators of violence on the street, their removal from their executive offices in the State, and their trial

The Civil Society Organizations, signed below, emphasize that bloodshed, the atmosphere of incitement and violence and accusations of peaceful protesters by submitting to a foreign agenda together constitute serious violations of human rights, and the President of the Republic directly undertakes full responsibility for all these serious violations and he is responsible to cease them immediately.

At the same time, Organizations call on international partners for the Yemeni government, especially the United States, UK, and the European Union to stop all forms of assistance, particularly relating to security, military, and assume their responsibilities to pressure the government to stop the bloodshed and all forms of violence and provocation perpetrated against the right of peaceful demonstrators.

Yemeni Observatory for Human Rights

Yemeni Organization for Defending Rights and Freedoms

Yemen Foundation for Social Studies

The National Organization for Defending Rights and Freedoms (Hood)

Dialogue Foundation for Democratic Development

Foundation Partners for the Future Development

Ad Center for  the Children and Young People

Arab Sisters Forum for Human Rights

Voice Foundation for Development

Cultural Information Center

Political Development Forum

Aswan Center for Studies