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Demonstrations in Shabwa, Hadramawt Demand Fall of Yemeni Government

Shabwa – Hadramawt Exclusive

Al-Saeed and al-Rawdah directorates in Shabwa have witnessed demonstrations in which hundreds of protestors gathered from many directorates and reiterated several slogans demanding the departure of president Saleh’s regime.

In the Eastern Hadramawt province, for the first time in Tarim’s modern history “The capital of Islamic culture 2010,” which is also considered to be a peaceful region for many decades, demonstrations also took place where hundreds of angry protestors went out around Tarim last Tuesday.

They demanded the overthrow of the regime and headed to a stage of a rally annually held that was organized by ministry of culture and under the auspices of president Saleh, but the event appeared to be overtaken by the unrest.

The demonstrations interrupted the festival on its second day, just as it was supposed to continue for three more days.

Protestors also removed pictures of the president from the streets. Security forces shot at the crowds in order to disperse them, but apparently unable, so the military was brought from nearby Seiyun which succeeded in separating them and arresting some of their ranks.