Sa’ada Rallies Repeat “the people want the fall of the regime”

National Yemen Staff

“The people want the fall of the regime’’ this quotation joins all the parties in Yemen in ways they have never been united before.  It is a diminished demand for the “disengagement” in the South of Yemen for the “overthrow the regime,” which was affiliated beneath many of the supporters of the southern movement “Hirak” to mobilize the “Houthi group” in the north of Yemen in large rallies bearing the same title.

The same has been the case in Sana’a, Aden, Taiz, Ibb, Hodeidah , al-Baidha, and other provinces.

Sadaa governorate, which was the scene of a brutal war over the previous six years, joined up a week ago with the peaceful protest marches demanding the departure of the system, based on the confirmation of the leader of the Houthi group there to take to the streets and demand to change the regime through peaceful way.

Abdul Malik Al-Houthi, the leader of armed Northern militant group, said earlier this month, during the mass celebration of the birthday of the Prophet Mohammad, “The Yemeni people are to take advantage of the opportunity at the present time to move hard with conscientious responsibility to change their reality and remove the current authority.”

He added, “We are at the front of our people ready to do our part as part of a mass popular movement. Otherwise, the longer the current authority exists, the people will suffer more and more injustice and tyranny.”

On Monday, tens of thousands marched through the streets of Dhahyan North of Sa’ada city, capital city of the province.  It was clear that supporters of Houthi and his loyalists are the ones who started the demonstration, noted eyewitnesses.

One attendee said, without hiding his opposition to the intellectual premises of the Houthi group, “I, together with some of my fellows, joined the Houthis’ protest march,” noting the absence of armed manifestations and the presence of only a few individuals to provide protection.

He added that many demonstrators traveled from the various districts surrounding Dahyan, such as Majz, Sahar, Bagem, Al-Safra, Menbah, and Sadaa city.

The slogan “the people want to overthrow the regime” was repeated by all the demonstrators, but the Houthi ideology emerged in the kind of slogans branding the authority as an agent of America and Israel.

A statement, signed “the sons of the province of Saada” issued by the Houthi loyalists, stated that the various popular movements and tribal in Saada participated in the demonstration.

But several observers confirmed that the control of the Houthis remains strong over most of the directorates of the province.

According to sources close to the Houthi leader, it appears as if the march was originally planned for the city of Saada, the restive governorate’s capital.

But the venue of the march finally changed due to fear of clashes that might occur with a member of the Parliament, Sheikh Othman Magali, who had been in the truce agreement between triba; elements and Houthi militants only since two weeks.

In the meantime, the other march was led by Sheikh Faris Manna, President of the “peace conference,” which moved from his residence in “Al-Talh,” a district on the northern of Sadaa City.

But the demonstration stopped after only a few kilometers because of the lack of participants, who were estimated between three hundred to four hundred people, mostly students from schools, reported eyewitnesses.

According to some sources close to the Sheikh Manna, who had recently been banned from traveling to Saudi Arabia, he intended fo the march, which bore the slogan “the people want to overthrow the regime” to deliver a message to the authority that he had a great following in the province of Saada.

But based on some sources, he failed to deliver the message, and showed his inability to play any effective anti-government role.