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Thousands in Lahj Call for Fall of Regime, Not Separation

Abdulmalik Alassar / Lahj

The Yemeni street, especially in the South, has witnessed a unity of demands and slogans calling for in the fall of the regime.

But in Lahj, this call has replaced the old ones for separation and independence of southern countries.

Thousands of citizens in Lahj’s capital al-Hawta came out after Friday prayer in a huge peaceful demonstration which has never been witnessed before, raising slogans calling for overthrowing the regime.

The protests didn’t result in any incidents, as protestors formed committees and groups to secure the protests and to unite slogans.

Participants confirmed that their demands are for the fall of the regime and that there is no space for other calls of separation or for any party agendas.

The protestors called for citizens of Lahj governorate to join the peaceful protests.