Thousands March Against Yemeni Government In Saada

Twenty kilometers outside of Sa’ada city in Yemen’s restive North, thousands of local citizens, among them many partisans of the armed Houthi rebel group, gathered calling for the end of the current government in Sanaa.

What follows is an official declaration of their demands delivered at the rally, signed “The sons of Saada.”

In the name of God the Merciful the Compassionate,

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds and peace and blessings be upon His Prophet and Messengers, upon Muhammad and his pure family.

To all those proud ones who refuse humiliation and submission, to every conscience which loves freedom, pride and dignity, to every human being weakened by poor living conditions and dictatorship, to all vulnerable lives at the mercy of arrogant tyrants, to every person that belongs to beloved Yemen, whether at home or abroad, as President or subordinate, to a party or a citizen of a large or small, male or female, to all groups in the political spectrum, party and media at home and abroad, we, the people of Saada as an integral part of this people give our support and stand in full solidarity with our free people and emphasize the following demands:

First: we appeal to all the free Yemeni people of all groups and political parties and organizations and across the spectrum of different political and popular movements, take action to change this reality and remove this authority.  Eject the corrupt regime with utmost haste. Do not lag and delay.

Second: We affirm our solidarity with our brothers from among the Yemeni people and our support of independents who angrily demand the end of the system from the University of Sana’a and all Yemeni provinces with one goal and shout for the fall of the regime.

Third: The people of the province of Saada strongly condemn and denounce the criminal methods practiced by the authority to respond to the protesters in all governorates of Yemen, which is not a surprise given what this government has unleashed on this land of honor, as they have opened the land, sea, and air for foreigners to kill and shed the blood of the Yemeni people.

Fourth: We call on international organizations and local human rights and humanitarian to move quickly to deter criminals and thugs from going too far in the murder and crime and rights violations and disregard for the blood of Yemenis.

Fifth: We offer a message to the corrupt regime and this criminal authority, end your rule of more than thirty years, which has exposed the people to such injustice and corruption, and has oppressed the country with injustice.  You are the ones who are stealing its wealth, spilling the blood of its sons, throwing into prisons thousands of Yemen’s free sons, transgressing against the people – whom you sold to foreigners – and exposing their blood to our enemies.

Sixth: We say to the authority and to the criminal and corrupt regime, leave, along with your crimes and your corruption and your injustice; let people manage their affairs and rebuild what you’ve destroyed. Know that there is no choice for you except to leave, and your staying will only increase your meanness and lowliness.  In Tunisia and Egypt there’s a clear lesson that your hour is nigh.

Seventh: We declare that we will continue our peaceful demonstrations until the overthrow of the regime and its total departure. We call on all members of the Yemeni people to go out in peaceful marches and rallies this Friday, God willing, and we call upon all members of the Yemeni people to take action, as well as their effective and broad participation in these demonstrations.

May peace and God’s mercy and blessings be upon you.