Local News

Three Explosions in Al-Dalea

By Saleh Almansoub

A witness heard a loud explosion next to the Political Security building in al-Jalilah area, Al-Dalea governorate at a distance of 5 km from the directorate capital.

Military sourcse reported that a large explosion was heard and that almost certainly Southern Moevement elements were behind the attempt to blow the building.

The source didn’t state any losses or injuries. Yet he pointed out that the security forces had begun an investigation.

Another explosion was also heard last Tuesday at midnight in Sanah area next to governmental buildings.

Local sources mentioned that the explosion was the result of rocket-propelled grenades and mortar bombs targeting the governmental complex.

The explosions caused damage to the offices, but no injuries were reported.

Eyewitnesses reported that there was an extensive exchange of gunfire, followed by explosions, which could have been the work of the soldiers in the complex.

The government complex, which houses many armored vehicles and security force personnel, was subjected several times to missile fire.