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Yemeni Authorities Regain Facilities from Southern Activists

Abdulmalik Alassar /lahj

Local sources in Yehr, Lahj reported that security forces have regained control on the security directorate building which Southern Movement elements stormed yesterday amid demonstrations in a number of Lahj directorates in the South of Yemen

The commander of the security directorate stated that they had taken back the building with the help of sheikhs and notables from the region, confirming that the security directorate management started practicing its daily work with no losses incurred.

Demonstrators from the southern movement burned the local council building in al-Hawtah directorate after a split from the opposition demonstration demanding overthrowing the regime, while southern movement elements called for secession.

The southern movement also penetrated the local council building and looted many of its contents, including computers, and burned all offices located in the first floor, while security forces reportedly had orders not to clash with the demonstrators.