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Yemeni Teachers Begin Protest

The Yemeni republic has witnessed huge crowds of teachers protesting to demand the government to implement the unimplemented provisions of wages and salaries law.

Thousands of teachers gathered in front of Sana’a district building and various demands.

These include Payment of allowances and adjustments suspended since 2005 and raising funds for degree-holders and supervisors and stop illegal deductions.

A committee formed by protestors met the secretary capital Abdulrahman Alakwa’ who promised to meet their demands and to refer them to the relevant authorities.

Fuad Dahabah, head of the teachers union, mentioned that he has scrapped a previous offer issued by ministry of education which included promises of improving teachers’ situation.

“We don’t believe in these concessions, and the authorities have failed to meet our demands for six years and is not going to achieve it in six days,” he added.

Dahabah also said that teacher’s demands are legitimate and warned the government not to manipulate them by their false promises, and that they are not going to stop their protests until we get our rights

In Shabwa also, hundreds of teachers and education personnel protested in front of the Shabwa directorate office in a protest organized by Shabwa’s teachers union.

Teachers were demanding the payment of their dues, reiterating slogans like “Oh teacher swalk walk, you are the tool of change, where is appreciation and justice, when prices get higher and higher.”

Ahmed Fareed head of the teachers union in Shabwa, delivered a speech before the huge crowd was joined by Naser Meqlem ,who came up with a final statement that included

•            Implementing the wages and salary law no (43)

•            Payment of allowances and adjustments suspended since 2005

•            Addressing the imbalances that still persist within the structure of the promised new wages

•            Payment for one full year of work that was deducted from the Ministry of Finance, Granting  supervisors, administrators and staff their rights and alternatives.

•            Protesters confirmed their adherence to their rights and are continuing their rallies till they get their rights.

Security forces were spread all over the protest square.