Businessman to Defect from Ruling Party

A prominent politician and business man, Nabil al-Khamiri, declared his withdrawal from the ruling GPC party in protest against the attacks and practices undertaken by some GPC members against the protestors.

Ali Al-Imrani, an MP from al-Baida province, and Fathi Tawfiq Abdulrahim, head of the finance committee of the Yemeni parliament, also resigned from the GPC on Saturday.

This brings the number of resigned ruling party MPs to 13 since the wave of protests against Ali Abdullah Saleh’s rule began.

Sam Yahya Al-Ahmar, the deputy culture minister, Hashid Abdullah al-Ahmar, the deputy minister for youth and sports have also quit the ruling party.

Al-Ahmar resignation comes a week after his brother Hussein Abdullah Al-Ahmar had left the party.

Al-Khamiri condemned the acts of thuggery against the peaceful protests and the young protestors of Sana’a University, citing that freedom of assembly is guaranteed by the law and constitution.

He also called all business men in the country to determine their position on the attacks undertaken against university students and professors which he described as “vulgar”.

Al-Khamiri is the Deputy President of the Supreme Council for Youth of the GPC and is considered an activist in the GPC as well as the founder and a sponsor of various organizations and civil society bodies.

He was also going to nominate himself for the eleventh constituency in Sana’a in the planned 2011 elections.