Local News

Cleaners in Abyan Protest

By Shukri Hussein / Abyan

Today morning, cleaners in Abyan have closed off the main road front of the  government complex to protest against that the government’s treatment of them, which they say differs from the condition of their colleagues in other provinces, and to demand their salaries, which have reportedly been in arrears for several months.

They laid down stones and wood as obstacles and stopped cars from reaching the office and prevented vehicles from moving for a period exceeding three hours.

They called for employment and the receipt of five thousands riyals which the President ordered to disburse according to earlier pledges.

Also they demanded to return to a normal work schedule as well as to disbursement of money needed to cover health risks.

It has been reported to National Yemen that Mr. Ahmed Nasser Jerfush, the deputy governor, has met the protesters and promised to implement all their demands.