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Hadramawt Witnesses Mass Rallies

“Go out! Go out! O colonialism, revolution, revolution,” “O south” and “people want to liberate the south.”

These slogans were echoed by thousands today in Hadhramawt province in the so-called Al-Aseer Day. The marches were launched in Al-Mukalla, Gail Bawazir and Amad in Wadi Hadhramawt.

The protesters waved flags of the former Southern State and pictures of Southern President Ali Salem Al-Beidh.

No confrontations with the security forces occurred during the rallies which were organized by the peaceful Hirak Council to liberate the South Governorates in Hadhramaut In Mukalla after the end of the march which started from the “tent of freedom” until the Omar Mosque.

Then a rally was held and Sheikh Ahmed Mohammed Ba Mualim delivered a speech in which he stressed the need to “continue the liberation movement for the sake of the martyrs’ who were killed during the last years in peaceful marches by the occupation authorities with bullets, and they are still facing our marches with bullets.”

Ba Mualim said, “the people of Hadramawt should prepare themselves to receive the nation and conduct its affairs, and the period of occupation is over.”

Many political activists delivered speeches during the rally and they emphasized the need to maintain the movement for liberation and independence.