Political Analysis

A paper presented to the JMP bloc

Proceeding from the requirements of national interest, and in order to achieve a national agreement on the constitutional amendments as well as holding the next parliamentary elections with the participation of all political parties in the national field, we present before you the following proposal:

1- Relating to the constitutional amendments issue, as it relates to article no. (112) which states,

The official term of the President of the Republic shall be seven calendar years effective from the date the President swears allegiance to the Constitution. No person may assume the office of the President of the Republic for more than two seven-year terms.

And whether this presidential remains the same yet in only two terms, or to be amended into five years for two terms according to what has been mentioned in the president’s Electoral Program.

2- For the voters who haven’t registered yet then any citizen who has reached 18 years of age and possess esan identity card then he has to register in the electoral registry within 30-40 days

3- The proportional representation is to be included to the constitutional amendments project and the law shall identify its implementation to be executed in the next Electoral Program

4- In order to reach to a serious dialogue, the national dialogue continues through the parties’ leaders and the findings are to be presented to their representatives in the national dialogue committee and then go to the constitutional institutions to be verified