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After Sackings, Akram Attiya to Govern Hodeida

By Ali Alsaqqaf / Hodeida

Hodeida hasn’t experienced such a security and political upheaval in recent memory, as it has just witnessed a major change in its leadership.

Revolution in Hodeida had its major role in the resignation of Hodeida governor, Ahmed Aljabali.

News differs on the way of the resignation, whether it was by directions from Sana’a or by the partisan from the “sha’ab square” in Hodeida.

Aljabali was appointed later on as a shura council member, yet he declined the position for “personal reasons.”

In a short time the presidency realized the seriousness of the situation and the danger to its position, and fearing the protest’s escalation in Hodeida, it searched for a person who belongs to the governorate and is prepared for any confrontations with unrest during this difficult period, and accordingly appointed Akram Attiya.

Attiya who was born in Zabid, used to serve as Vice-Chairman of legislative and regulatory affairs at the House of Representatives and his appointment came based on his strong relationship with the authority’s favorite local journalist Abdo Burji, who has significant influence in the province and with the Yemeni Government.