Political Analysis

Context of the president’s initiative before the joint meeting of the house of representatives and Shura councils, February 2nd, 2011

The quartet resumes its work to discuss the parliamentary elections and the constitutional amendments including the PR list

–  Freeze the discussions on the constitutional amendments.

–  Open the parliamentary registry for those who have reached the legal age

–  Form a government of national unity

–  No extension nor inheritance of power

–  Sweeping reforms in local governance and the election of governors and directors of districts as well as recycling of government jobs

–  Pay more attention to the economy and open the door for wider participation in certain economic institutions

–  The expansion of the social security network and the absorption of five hundred cases

–  Set up a fund to support the graduates and a review of all fees imposed in public universities

–  Set up a “friends of Yemen” fund  to support development

–  Establish a National Anti-Corruption Commission as well as tenders and auctions committee, and strengthen the independence of the judiciary

–  Prevent of chaos and vandalism

–  Call everyone to assume all their responsibilities to maintain the national and domestic security