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Explosion at Public Security in Zinjibar

Shukri Hussein / Abyan

A loud explosion took place in a late hours on Friday against the central security building wall in Abyan governorate causing a gap in the wall, with no human losses.

Sources close to National Yemen learned that the explosion resulted from a bomb put next to the central security building, located in the centre of Zinjibar.

Though the explosion didn’t cause any casualties, yet it created fear and panic among Zinkibar’s people in particular the owners of houses nearby.

This comes during the successive  attacks targeting security personnel in Abyan as well as the instances of assassination which affected a large number of leaders and soldiers without the ability of authorities to put an end to them.

Separately, many protestors forced schools’ students to close their schools and join the protests in the al-Kud area close to Zinjibar in Abyan last Saturday and repeated the slogan “no studying nor teaching until the president falls.”