Political Analysis

February 23rd, 2009 agreement

After several discussions called by the president including representatives of the GPC and the JMP in the national assembly and according to the national interest, and in order to run free, honest, and safe elections under the different political atmosphere, the signed parties represented in the house of representatives “GPC , Islah, socialist party, Arab Baath and Nasserite Unionists are applying to the presidency of the house of representatives to undertake the needed constitutional procedures in order to change the article no (65) of the constitution on the period of the house of representatives by the lawm which allows the extension of two more years given the lack of sufficient time to undertake the following reforms:

1-  Providing the chance to the political parties, and civil society organizations to undertake the needed constitutional amendments to improve the electoral and political system including through proportional representation

2-  Enable the political parties represented in the parliament to complete discussing the disputed topics while amending the law of elections  and include what is agreed upon in the law

3-  Reforming the higher committee of election according to the law