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Hirak Assembly in Hadramout Calls for a Huge Rally

The “peaceful Hirak” called all Hadramout directorates to join the Thursday rally dubbed “prisoner’s day” after Asr prayer which will have Mukalla as their focal point.

Political activist and spokesman of the Board of Hirak Salem bin Daghar, said in a brief press statement before “prisoner’s day” which is to be held in the “occupied southern governorates to renew their loyalty each week to the southern prisoners who suffer the ravages of the occupation in authorities’ prisons.”

He pointed that there many procedures were undertaken to insure a massive attendance for Thursday’s rally, “especially when many misleading campaigns keep blurring the issue of the South and the right of the people of the South to liberation and independence,” he said.

Bin Daghar also saluted all protests by youth and schoolchildren and their raising of southern flags as well as retreating southern slogans which, according to him, “proves that the southern issue is an issue of a nation and  people trying to get rid of the occupation which spread values of corruption.”

He ended his statement pointing that the committees formed by the hirak assembly are doing a great job in organizing the Thursday rally which “carries a message at this time that the south is steadfast despite the domination of the military and the security of the occupying power and its conspiracies.”