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Lahaj Protest Receive Support from Clerics

By Abdulmalik Alassar / Lahaj

Islamic scholars in Lahaj declared their support for the protests and issued fatwas on the inviolability of peaceful protests.

In a statement distributed after Friday’s prayer, amid protests organized by hundreds of protestors demanding the fall of the regime, the fatwas stated that it is not permissible to fire bullets on protesters.

The protestors shouted slogans in al-Hawta’s streets and announced the launching of protest square beginning from Friday in al-Hawta, where they called youth to join other protestors in demonstrations.

“We confirm the peoples’ rights in demanding change through peaceful means, and we condemn what the Arab rulers practice against their nations,” the statement read.

Finally the scholars announced that they will add their voices to that of the  nation and join the protestors.  The scholars ended their statement by calling all Muslims to repent to God.