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One killed and Hundreds Wounded in Saturday Clashes

One killed and Hundreds Wounded in Saturday Clashes

Saturday was the worst day to date in the experience of the Yemeni protesters near Sana’a University, as two were reported killed and several hundred were injured on the early hours of Saturday, 12 March 2011.

The clashes continued for two hours starting at 5:30 am till 8:00am, as protesters were chanting, “peaceful peaceful” and soldiers from central security attacked them from different corners using life fire and tear gas while thugs were allegedly throwing stones from neighboring house at the protesters.

Private hospitals, along with the al-Thawra hospital sent their ambulances to the scene of the violence, and continuously conveyed the injured to hospitals for treatment.

In the same day more than two hundred doctors and nurses joined the protestors against the discrimination between the employees of the al-Thawra hospital and the forty-eight hospital and military hospital, which gets a better treatment and payment.

Marwan Saif Abdul-Qawi was injured during the events, and said that he and his fellows were attacked by soldiers who were different from those who protected them throughout the morning hours in previous days.

He said that soldiers were using live fire for no reason and due to no provocation from the protestors.

Mustafa al-Mutawakal and his cousin were among the injuries who were choking from the tear gas. The riot police, along with stone throwers meant to attack protesters, and it was rumored that they had orders to remove the protestors from the area.

Zaid Ali, another protestor, said that some thugs closed the shops from outside to isolate the protests from any kind of refuge.

“The cold water in the cannons is mixed with some special material which left hundreds on the ground strugging to get up,” said Ali. “We call international organizations to investigate the substances being used.”

Hamid Mohammed Ismail said, “I was sleeping next to my friends at the ‘change square’ – the soldiers were helping us, but some civilians were throwing stones and beat us. It was sudden attack and new tactic from the ruling party.”

The mosque near by the protest area was the first shelter to keep the injuries, while the nearby building was a store for medicine and logistical center for dealing with the casualties.

A security sources from the minister of interior distributed a press release regarding the events

Saying, “Members of the JMP installed tents by force in front of local houses and shops.

“Citizens of the al-Kuwait, al-Ragas, and al-Qadisiya areas are complaining that the university area is being blocked off, and that residents cannot practice their daily business freely because of the protest.”

“Residents sent a request to the ministry of interior to help them to put an end to theses hassles which ended with clashes between citizens and protesters.”

The military forces and anti-riot unit interrupted these clashes using water cannon and smoke bombs.

“No one from the military side was used any weapons against any party.”

“The ministry of interior resolves to sue anyone who will accuse its members of using force against any party.”