Political Analysis

Yemeni Clerics’ initiative, dated February 2nd, 2011

1-  The withdrawal of the election law and referendum and refer it to the House of Representatives for approval

2-  The withdrawal of the constitutional amendments before the House of Representatives and forming a national committee to undertake the amendments by consensus

3-  Forming a national committee by consensus

4-  Referring corrupt officials to the judiciary and hastening action on corruption cases

5-  Releasing any detainees who were not proven guilty, or did not have cases pending before the judiciary

6-  Choosing five judges, two from each side of the political divide, and a fifth chosen by the clerical body, or by agreement of the four judges to resolve all disputes among the political sides

7-  Freezing the protests and sit-ins to set the atmosphere for a national dialogue

8-  Stopping all the protests and sit ins to remove all acts of vandalism and chaos in the streets caused by each side