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“Kifah” to Sue al-Jazeera for Sedition

The “national organization for combating violence and terrorism awareness” “Kifah” stated that it is preparing a lawsuit against the a-Jazeerah channel, considering it the main reason for stirring sedition among Arab nations.

“It is agitating one sect against the other and exaggerating the events, which led to the death of thousands of people in many of the Arab countries,” an official statement from the group read.

The statement considered Al-Jazeerah an organization guilty of war crimes, which should be punished and held responsible for its supposed “crimes.”

“Al Jazeerah media lost its professionalism as the rest of the Arab and foreign satellite channels to deal with the events impartially, without bias to one party against the other party,” the statement continued.

“It deliberately stands with the destructive elements in these societies and as a main supporter of extremist and destructive thoughts in order to bring strife and conflict, along with more bloodshed.”

Kifah also said, “We have irrefutable evidence that condemns Al-Jazeera,  broadcaster of news and information, which proves that its officials deserve to be brought to the International Criminal Court on charges of war crimes as well as inflaming the civil and sectarian and regional wars through their media which they have produced to sow suppression and murder and destruction among brothers.”

The Kifah organization demanded that civil society organizations at Arab or International levels stand with it until this media channel is prosecuted.