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Bajjash Al-Aghbari released after 15-year Detention

Yemeni authorities released this week the political detainee Bajjash Al-Aghbari, who is considered longest-imprisoned political detainee in the central prison in Sana’a, having been incarcerated for fifteen years.

After his release, al-Aghbari said to the media that his release was one of the products of the revolution and sit-ins by the young protestors from all over the republic.

Al-Aghbari who hails from the Al-Ghabrah area in South Yemen, was one of the fighters in South Lebanon in the 80s and was arrested in al-Mahrah governorate after the summer of 1994 and accused of belonging to an underground militant cell.

He was allegedly subjected to torture for a month and a half, then was moved to a political prison and imprisoned in an underground chamber for four months, at which point he was transferred to a cell in the criminal investigation authorities for six months.

Al-Aghbari was convicted of jeopardizing the state’s security and an execution verdict was levelled against him, then the verdict was cummuted to 20 years in prison, where he was transferred to the central prison in Sana’a and spent the remainder of his sentence.