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Hashed Tribe’s Man Suspended Mediation

Sheikh Sadeq Al-Ahmar, an elder of the Hashed tribe suspended his position in the mediation committee that seeks to the convergence of views between the Yemeni president and the opposition and aims at containing their disputes, citing the current crisis.

Sadeq al-Ahmar’s media office said that his decision came in protest of violent acts led by the ruling party to suppress peaceful demonstrations.

Sadeq al-Ahmar is leading a committee that is consisted of several tribal sheikhs and was formed after the escalation of the protests In Yemen to create a solution to the crisis the Yemen has been witnessing for the last two months.

The resignation also came after the bloody day which Hodeida witnessed in which more than 300 hundred people were wounded last Wednesday after clashes between pro- and anti-regime loyalists.

And according to eyewitnesses the clashes took place after a massive rally supporting the initiative issued by the president which pushed some elements from the opposition to provoke his supporters, causing clashes with sticks and daggers till the Yemeni security forces disengaged the clashes using smoke bombs.

Yemen has been witnessing protests for a couple of months calling to overthrow the president who has governed the country for 32 years.

These protests are divided into pro- and anti-regime factions, and some are turning to violence in these conflicts.

The opposition party issued a statement in which it accused the authorities of continuing to commit crimes and attacks on the peaceful protestors in several cities of the republic, most recently in Hodeida, and attempting to abort the revolution through thuggish acts that transgressed all values, norms, and laws.

The statement also said that the blood shed in the entire republic will not be wasted and war criminals will be prosecuted before national and international courts.