Political Analysis

Man Kills Brother Amid Political Standoff

By Saddam Alashmory

A man was killed by his brother in Amran governorate 50 kilometers away of the capital Sana’a, in an attack which left seven injured with various wounds.

Local sources in Amran said that Omar Yahya Sinan Al-Sa’ar killed his elder brother Mohammed, 28-years old, over a  partisan dispute.

Omar who belongs to Islah party fired several gunshots at his brother after trying to stop him from attending a rally for the GPC party held in Amran last Saturday.

Seven People from Habour were also wounded on their way to attend the GPC’s rally in Amran.

Tribal sources mentioned that a number of bodyguards of Sheikh Hussein al-Ahmar and Sheikh Hamid al-Ahmar have blocked the way to prevent the arrival of the participants, leading to the clashes resulting in the injury of another seven individuals.

The Deputy Chairman of the Board of National Solidarity, Yahya Mujahid Abu Shawarib declared his resignation from the Board in protest of the JMP’s and the Board acts of bullying resulting in the injury of many people.

Abu shawarib expressed his condemnation for those acts targeting the homeland and its unity, and sacrificing innocent civilians by creating chaos and vandalism, bullying and disrupting community life.

Amran governorate has witnessed unprecedented tension, where tribes are split into pro- and anti-government camps.

Hussein al-Ahmar held an anti-regime rally two weeks ago, and the pro-government factions of Hashid and Bakil held massive counter-rallies in support of the president’s initiative and the constitution’s legitimacy as well as the importance of security and stability.

Abu Shawareb confirmed in the rally the honest position of Amran’s tribes and pointed that Yemen has repudiated calls for extremism and discrimination and conspiracy in all its forms.

The Hashid and Bakil tribes confirmed their standing side by side with the army forces, security and the Yemeni tribes to defend the unification and the governmental institutions and other National constants

That came in the statement issued in the rally organized by Hashid and Bakil, which supported the president’s initiative

The statement mentioned that all notable sheikhs of Hashid and Bakil in Amran governorate had discussed the current events as well as exchanged consultations and opinions on the irresponsible acts by the opposition parties which, they said, will lead Yemen into peril if the notable personalities didn’t stand against them.

They also called all opposition parties to negotiate, and to hold high all the interests of the nation and to help it realize its potential.

They confirmed their absolute rejection of the calls for division by extremists of political partisanship and sectarian or tribal and regional groups, and that they will remain adhering to the principles, values and meanings of loyalty to God, homeland, and the Republic’s unity.