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Official JMP Statements Condemns “Massacre”

“The JMP condemns what the authority and its media has been behaving, and the brutal massacre they committed last Friday in change square in Sana’a, which resulted in the death of 52 martyrs and hundreds of wounded.

“The JMP rejects the constant distortions by the authority in indulging them in their accusations through the media on the investigation and the search for the anonymous perpetrators and the allegation of the presence of the JMP representatives in the committee in charge of massacre investigation.

“The JMP also confirmed that the perpetrators are known and identified and the way the president and his associates talked after the massacre is another crime, added to the chain of crimes which he will be held to account.

“The JMP presented their sincere condolences and sympathy to the families of martyrs, pray for a speedy recovery to the wounded and denounced murderers and tyrants who are perpetrators of murder.”