Local News

Protestors Briefly Storm al-Jawf Facilities

According to local sources in al-Jawf governorate, several government facilities were seized after anti-government protestors broke into the political security, central security, and public security buildings in the governorate’s capital city.

Sources also reported that there were clashes between the protestors and the security forces last Monday morning, which resulted in the injuries of many people.

This event is considered an escalation which could motivate the opposition protestors in several governorates to commit similar actions.

In the same context, there were angry protestors in al-Ma’afer directorate, Taiz, who seized a government compound and briefly controlled it in solidarity with the martyrs and wounded who fell in the change square in the capital Sana’a  on Saturday morning while protesting against the regime.

The angry protestors walked around the directorate in massive rallies and entered the local security offices then the ruling party headquarters, where they took off the president’s pictures from the buildings.

They also maintained their protest in the nearby square as military forces headed from Taiz City to the directorate in order to suppress the uprising.

The compound was cleared after notable personalities from the area interfered and the security forces ultimately did not face the protestors.

Al-Ma’afer directorate is the home of Sultan al-Barakani, the chairman of the parliamentary bloc for the GPC, as well as of the deputy prime minister Rashad al-Aleemi.