Resigned Between Honor and Opportunities

Last Friday will be in the spotlight of modern history of the revolution in Yemen against the current ruling party (GPC), as University protestors have met their fate, slain by the cold hands of snipers.

This awful day left 52 martyrs and 200 injured, which made the situation of the government harder than before to resign and mainly the president Saleh who is continuously called to step down before the end of his term in office.

The action has dramatically raised the passions of the Yemenis all over the country, whether they were pro-government or anti-government.

This has given courage to many officials, ministers, sheikhs, Islamic scholars, etc. to resign from the ruling party in response to the killing civilians in such an aggressive way.

Those who resigned were accused of having problems in their works or at risk of being dismissed before they resign.

In other cases, some are looking for better opportunities in the upcoming national government or the new ruling party if it will come to pass.

Time will be the good judge to reveal the ill will or good will of those politics players. Yes it was a horrible attack and may god mercy those martyrs and heal the patients in the hospitals.

Yes, Yemenis are looking for change nowadays, but would those who are resigning will contribute to the future of Yemen, however it may look?

The president has got it wrong when he gives them and himself lasting trust for so many years. Family members, relatives, and staff surrounding him want him to leave safely in order to protect their businesses that has been built with his blessings and help.

Family members and tribal relatives have been divided into two groups and they are behind the current movement of Saleh situation.

The honor of Saleh depends on not repeating the deeds of al-Gadhafi, nor to flee like Bin Ali, but it could be like Mubarak. Saleh should decide for history, and for the sake of his own legacy, how he would like this episode to be remembered.

The president still holds on to the vestiges of a heroic image, but if he will continue obstinate, he will drive the country into bloody clashes and posterity will not look kindly upon him.

Yemen is the country of faith and wisdom, enough killing, enough assassinations. Yes to development, yes for the future of Yemen and the new generation.

People will love you more an respect you if you achieve progress for all. Time is not with you after the dark days Yemen has just seen. What would be the ideal solution for your long experience in power, other than handling these events gracefully and humbly. Do the right thing.