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Southern Movement Condemns Mukalla Crackdown

A text of the state is reproduced below.

The Peaceful Hirak assembly calls the sons of Hadramout to be careful and vigilant of the schemes the occupier and condemns the militarization of Mukalla city and prevalence of armored cars and armored vehicles at entrances.

The Peaceful Hirak assembly for liberating the south was witnessing the events of March 15th anxiously.

The city experienced heavy gunfire in several neighborhoods and the authorities deployed armored vehicles and tanks, police and security teams to render the city into a veritable army base.

The militarization of Mukalla city and the closure of its entrances are part of an old plan by the occupiers, since it undertook the military campaigns in Al-Dalea, Radfan, Lawder and al-Hawta in Shabwa, yet it failed miserably because of the people’s resistance toward this new aggression.

The assembly confirms their struggle for their occupied homeland and will continue a peaceful struggle.

We denounce the stories made by the security forces, accusing the sons of Hadramout of possessing weapons and opening fire, and that they are responsible for paving the way for military and security to spread within the city up to residential neighborhoods and repress families and citizens.

The assembly calls organizations for human rights around the world, Gulf States, the Arab League, the European Union, the UN Security Council, Islamic Conference Organization, and the United Nations to consider seriously the risks to Hadramout citizens and what they are exposed to by continuous military operations, killing of citizens and the arrest of politicians and journalists.

It also calls upon international and Arab media, particularly Al-Jazeera, to shed light on what is going on in Hadramout and Mukalla city in particular, urging reporters to show honesty and conscience.

We also call upon the religious scholars and sheikhs, dignitaries and social personalities and civil society forces organizations in Hadramout to be vigilant and understand what’s happening and to condemn tyranny and the for security to be ensured for everyone.

Peaceful Hirak Assembly for Liberating the South

Hadramout March 16th, 2011