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Tens of Thousands Protest in al-Dalea as Resignations Continue

By Sale Almansoub / Al-dalea

A massive rally walked today from the centre of Qotoba city heading to Sana’a, whose participants affirmed their solidarity with the protestors in Sana’a and all anti-government protest squares throughout the country.

Prior to this rally, a festival was held where thousands of participants attended from all al-Dalea directorates, including Damt, al-Haseen, Juban, al-Shu’aib, al-Azariq, and Qotoba.

Director General of vocational and industrial education Mohammed al-Audi tendered his resignation from the ruling party and delivered a speech in which he called protestors to erect tents and to continue their protests.

The lawyers syndicate branch in Al-Dalea issued a statement in which they condemned the excessive use of force against peaceful demonstrations and sit-ins.

They also demanded the state with all its agencies to take responsibility and called to halt the rampant violation of human rights. The syndicate also offered help and support to the protestors.

A statement was issued after the rally in which protestors confirmed that their protest is going to continue to be peaceful and includes all classes of people.

The statement also saluted all resigned GPC members who joined the protests and called their brothers in the peaceful Hirak in the southern governorates to join the protests.

They also confirmed that the southern cause with all its political, national and human rights dimensions, is present in these protests and cannot be ignored.

Dozens of GPC members as well as local council members have submitted their resignations and joined the revolutionary protests.

Sources also mentioned that the major general and the security directorate’s head were seen amidst the protestors, yet their presence was to investigate the protests’ audience and their number, and did not necessarily reflect their solidarity with the cause.