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Yemeni Clerics Reject State of Emergency

By Saddam Alashmory

Yemeni religious scholars announced last Saturday their rejection of the state of emergency declared by the president last Friday after the massacre targeting protestors in change square, Sana’a.

They also called the president to respond to the demands of the people and to confront the national security bodies and bring its leaders and members to trial.

The religious scholars in a very harsh speech after Saturday’s meeting rejected the state of emergency for the absence of a law that regulates emergencies and the risk of having an individual political party in the House of Representatives to prepare a draft law to meet its demands and suppress freedoms guaranteed by the constitution and the law and ignite sedition among the Yemeni people.

They also in their statement held the authority represented by president fully responsibility for the blood that was shed and lives lost as well as the wounded and injured, by virtue of his general mandate.

The denounced what they called as the massacre committed after Friday prayer against peaceful protestors.

They gave the authority no excuses for the security lapse and warned the authority against hiring the judicial members to cover the bloody crime of Friday and targeting protestors, fabricating false charges against them, harassing them, and creating a justification for committing further crimes of murder against them.

They demanded the public prosecution to bear the responsibilities of the legitimate, constitutional and speedy urgent investigation to find out the perpetrators of the bloody massacre on Friday and hand them over to the judiciary, not to mention their past crimes against the protesters in the various provinces.

They also demanded the army and security forces not to execute any orders of killing or suppression and demanded to bring the Republican Guard units and brigades from the capital Sana’a to the account for the unnecessary presence of all these forces in the capital.

In the time where they confirmed the protestors and Yemenis rights in protesting they also denounced the official media for perpetuation of  lies and misinformation and distorted facts, and  urged them to be the representative of the people, not the ruling party.

They also called upon protecting all journalists and correspondents and news agencies both internal and external and enabling them to practice their work in conveying the facts to the Yemeni people and the world.