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Saleh Remains Entrenched as Opposition Squirms

When Yemeni opposition thought that it was so close to achieve its victory through overthrowing the regime and that it had utilized all its powers with the massive rallies and protests all over the republic, it now appears as if the president isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

It worked to attract all tribal figures and important military leaders, yet all that wasn’t enough to make the Yemeni president step down

The President surprised the opposition with a stronger position than he has had for weeks, and he claims that he is offering no more concessions.

Saleh accused the opposition of raising the roof on demands whenever he attempted to meet these demands to avoid bloodshed and disturbance of the nation’s security.

The president also added that all concessions he made were offered individually, but after coordination and consultancy with the GPC leadership.

Saleh also referred to a deliberate misconception of the democratic concept by some political entities in his meeting with the GPC last Sunday.

He described the control over several governorates by some personalities in the north of Yemen as rebellion and same as in the South where elements having gained control of an arms factory in Abyan.

He also accused the opposition of conspiring against the army and the security forces and attacking security points and then blaming the government while trying to regain control over the area.

The President demanded the GPC as a political party to face this rebellion and to stand side by side with the local councils to overcome this challenge.

His meeting occurred with nearly a thousand GPC members suggesting that he discharge resigned GPC members, whom he described as “apostates,” for being conspirators and members of Islah, the Nasserites, and other parties.

The Yemeni opposition had announced that last Friday will be the day in which they will march on the presidenctial palace and will have the president out.

This irritated the presidents’ allies and made them flock to the president’s house from all over the entire republic.

It was accepted that this day the president will hand over power to the opposition, yet the president declared in his speech that he would only transfer power to “safe hands.”