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Houthis Control Sa’ada, Help Appoint Governor

Alleged arms dealer Fares Mana’a was appointed Sa’ada governor, north of Yemen. after his joining forces with the Huthi rebels there, pledging allegiance to them and resigning from the GPC membership with a number of notable persons of Sa’ada.

The former ally of the ruling pary made a commitment to the field commander Abu Ali, who was assigned as a leader of the security belt in the governorate, by which the latter ceded control of Dahyan city.

Local journalist Khaled Alharithi, said that the move came after the Huthis’ victory over the al-Abdin tribes, whose Sheikh Uthman Mujalli is a major local ally of the state.

The Huthis appeared to dominate the reins of power and governance in the province of Saada in northern Yemen.

Sa’ada witnessed crucial battles between tribes loyal to the president led by Sheikh Uthman Mujalli and caused in the death of 45, injury from both sides, as well as the destruction of 13 houses.

The Huthis gained control of a number of machine guns, mortar shells, guns and tanks from the Telmus military site overlooking the city of Saada.

Also, they are reported to have seized sixteen cars as they demolished Uthman Mujalli’s house and burned it along with his possessions with a number of buildings.

Fares Mana’a said in a phone call to his office that his appointment as the new Sa’ada governor came after the departure of the former governor Taha Hajar, who had been appointed by the president.

Fares Mana’a is one of the most prominent arms dealers in the Middle East and was a loyal ally to the president and his regime in Sa’ada throughout the previous six wars.

But Mana’a’s relationship with the president was marred by tension since he came to Sana’a, where he was detained for months and then released and then worked to extend his influence in Sa’ada with his strong ties with notables and sheikhs in Sa’ada through a block included them and was led by him under the name of the National Peace Conference.

The Huthis have run the local authorities in the governorate since the last two days amid the Yemeni army and troops from the Central Security, who remain stationed in the area.

The Huthis also installed new military points at the entrances and exits of the city of Saada manned by their ranks.