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Siding with Protestors, Amran Commander Gives Out Weapons

Eyewitnesses reported that commander of brigade number 301 Hameed Alqushaibi in Amran governorate has submitted arms to hundreds of his tribe members, who belong to Hashid tribe

According to one of the soldiers who escaped from the military camp after pretending to be a member of Islah party, hundreds of tribe members who flocked to the camp repeating slogans of overthrowing the regime while Alqushaibi distributes arms to them from the camp’s weapons store.

Alqushaibi had declared his joining to the opposition demanding the fall of the regime last week.

According to local residents, brigade number 301, which consists of 3000 soldiers, has witnessed the escape of 700 members who refused to join the opposition and who joined the republican guard.

This comes hours after the declaration of the JMP which accused the ruling party of attempting to create a security vacuum, and after  troops’ confrontations with the republican guard in al-Mukalla.

The possibility of defection made president Saleh discharge Major General Mohammed Ali Mohsen and Major Thabet Jawwas who joined the protests demanded the fall of the regime.

According to resources of the Yemeni ministry of defense, Major Ahmed Bin Breik has been appointed as a general brigadier of the eastern military district and commander of the 27th brigade and Colonel Hussein Masha’abah has been appointed as commander of Brigade number 15.