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Armed Tribesmen Deployed in Southern Coast

Mukalla / Governorates exclusive

Hundreds of armed tribesmen of various political affiliations carrying weapons deployed on the public roads from Shabwah to Abyan and Mukalla and near the liquefied gas project in Balhaf port on the Arabian sea late last week.

This deployment comes after some jihadist groups took oover seven directorates in Shabwa, including are Mayfa’a, Azzan, Nisa, Markhah, al-Naqbah and also controlled Lawday and al-Husn areas in Ja’ar, Abyan.

Mukalla also is witnessing confrontations from time to time between with the army and the republican guardsm which made the authority struggle to maintain its control of the provincial capitals of some governorates after having governorates like Sa’ada, Marib, and al-Jawf under the control of revolutionaries, while the government’s control over Aden, Taiz, Ibb, al-Baida, and Mahweet remains tenuous.

There has also been the blocking of and the theft of passing trucks by armed groups in Shabwa and Marib, as many oil companies have stopped oil production.

The Navy enhanced its forces around the LNG facilities in Balhaf, Shabwa, which had stopped exporting oil due to the chaos in Yemen.

Due to the security chaos, protest movements demanding the fall of the regime started to impose their control over 60% of the Yemeni state, according to some analysts.

Yemeni citizens expressed their discontent with the Yemeni regime, which has failed and lost its role and legitimacy in controlling the official media which gave the regime a chance to lie to people and contradicts the reality which is taking place on the ground in Yemen.