Friday Political Marathons – For How Long?

The Friday is the seventh day of the week in the Arab and Muslim calendars,  and it is known as the religious and rest day of Muslim communities all over the world.

Since the first Friday of February, this reputation has been changed into the best day for protests and clashes between governments and their peoples seeking a better future, which is not yet in  the offing for some of the affected countries.

Friday has gained many religious connotations that indicate the greatness of the day. Nowadays, the name of Friday has turned into a nightmare to many Muslims where they anticipate the worst will happen on this particular day.

Yemen is like other Arab countries which are involved in the process of political upheaval, which has turned Friday into continual rallies and a political race to show the power of competing faction in taking over the lead and right to rule the country.

From one Friday to another, the creativity of generating names and bringing people to the capital from the governorates turned into a business for some, on both the side of the government and the opposition.

Meanwhile, the country’s economy is collapsing because of the Friday showdowns, the business activities are freezing, the tourism appears to be suspended till further notice, and education has been held hostage to politics.

So should Yemen continue the Friday movement for the benefit of some and the loss of all?  Clearly this isn’t fair to the country and its people.

Yemen has been an exceptional case even in its modern revolution that is taking a different style in its action, including a longer process for negotiations to end the ongoing political disputes in which parties want to win against each other.

The Youth are the good ones, and all are working for the satisfaction of the youth and are fighting for their future and rights.

The Friday marathon in Yemen should end to enable the youth to plan for their futures, otherwise there will be no close or good future for them. The mediators indicate that Yemen might lose control, or descend into civil war.  How true that is no one knows till next Friday comes and each party will re-prepare its factions for the day.

Until when will these marathons continue to consume the country’s budget, energy, and future? I would say if no party will show flexibility for the sake of a safe future, Yemen will suffer catastrophes from which it might never recover.

Make Friday a good day for the new generation to recall; do not make Friday a horrible day in history.