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Kidnapped Head of Saeeda TV Returns

By Saddam Alashmory

Media sources reported that men believed to be of the central security and wearing civilian clothes kidnapped the media personality Abdulghani Al-Shamiri from one of the streets of the capital last Thursday from his car and drove him to an unknown destination, but then freed him later on Saturday.

Al-Shamiri’s kidnapping is related to his political attitudes on the opposition and his closeness to the Islah party.

The former head of TV and radio of the Yemeni channel al-Saeeda, Al-Shamiri has submitted his resignation from the ruling party and joined the young revolutionaries demanding the fall of the regime.

Sources close to Al-Shamiri family pointed that the kidnapping came after several threatening messages by anonymous callers if he continued his attitude with the ruling party

This event was met with condemnnations by the personnel, civil society, and political parties, and several journalists and activists organized a solidarity march to the Attorney General’s Office on Saturday morning.

They have also issued a statement of solidarity in which they demanded the attorney and minister of interior promptly release  Abdulghani Al-Shamiri and reveal the details of the kidnapping and hold the perpetrators behind the crime accountable.

The Journalists Syndicate also condemned what they described as the crime undertaken by the national security and demanded fast release of Abdulghani AS-shamiri and held the authorities fully responsible.

Al-Shamiri, who was the head of the TV and Radio Yemen channel and moved to Al-Saeeda channel two years ago and he submitted his resignation from the GPC, in which he was a member of Supreme Media Committee and the Standing cCommittee of the Party and declared his joining of the revolutionaries.