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Yemeni protesters hurl stones at police

Thousands of anti- government protesters are hurling stones at anti-riot police backed by tanks in the southern province of Aden.

Protesters demanding the ouster of longtime leader President Ali Abdullah Saleh called for a general strike Saturday and witnesses say many of residents responded by not going to work.

Clashes broke out in al-Mulaa’a street on the way to the Channel 2 TV and Aden Radio.  Drivers could not reach the other part of the city due to the heavy presence of the military in a reason of al-Hirak movement that might take over the control of TV and Radio to announce the possible secession of the South.

Protesters set tires on fire, sending black smoke in the sky. They also built barricades with large rocks at the entrance of main roads to prevent tanks from moving.

Saleh has ruled Yemen for 32 years. He warns that if he is ousted, Yemen will descend into chaos, boosting the al-Qaida presence already in the country.