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JMP Loyalists Demonstrate in Lahj

A group of the JMP partisans closed all shops in the main roads from the early morning on Tuesday in al-Hawta city, Lahj governorate.

That came after JMP elements that walked around the city streets and spread chaos by throwing stones, burning tires, and vandalizing shops, leading to financial losses.

The Lahj governor has arrested ten people belonging to the JMP, as well as alleged outlaws, including the lawyer Akram al-Shateri in the central security jail, where they were investigated for the chaos undertaken in the governorate.

Lahj citizens requested the local council leaders and the central security to stand against these vandals and outlaws who disturbed people security and safety.

Citizens objected to the actions of the vandals and expressed their desire that no more losses would be incurred, demanding the local authorities to speed the arrest of these outlaws.