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JMP Presents New Initiative, President Saleh Balks

The opposition JMP bloc have requested president Saleh to hand power to his vice president, who would negotiate with him on a transitional period.

The JMP has announced that the opposition has prepared the procedure for the transition of power. This plan consists of five points according to a statement issued by the opposition; they include the following:

1- President Saleh declares his stepping down from office and transfers his powers to his deputy

The vice president shall restructure the National Security and Central Security agencies away from the kinship and nepotism and subject it to the authority of the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Defense

3- Coordinating with the new president and former vice president on the formation of the transitional period on the basis of national consensus. A transitional national consensus is formed and represented by all political segments of society and civil society organizations from all over the republic. It also

a)  Undertakes a national dialogue whereby all political parties get involved without exception and deal with all issues to come up with resolutions such as the Southern issue.

b) Forms a committee of experts to form constitutional reforms in light of the national dialogue.

c) Forma a temporary transitional government led by the opposition represented by all political currents, businessmen, young protestors and undertakes their constitutional duties

d) Stabilizes the economic and financial situation

E) Form a transitional Military Council of military leaders known for their competence, integrity and esteem and are also respected in the military circles to represent the Council in all configurations of the armed forces. This council involves representatives of the defunct forces defeated in the war of 1994, which is to play its role and constitutional duties

4) Form a higher committee for elections and public referenda which holds a referendum on draft constitutional reforms and holds parliamentary and presidential elections, according to a new constitution

5) Reaffirm the right of peaceful expression and freedom of peaceful protests and sit-ins in Yemen and investigates the crimes committed specially in Sana’a, Taiz ,and Abyan massacres, and holds their perpetrators responsible and refers them to trial as well as compensating the injured, disabled, and martyred peoples’ families

Vice president Abdu Rabu Hadi, to which the opposition wants to transfer power, belongs to the ruling party which is facing protests demanding its fall since last January.

The opposition’s initiative comes one day after the president’s speech last Friday in which he promised that he is going to do whatever it takes for the sake of the nation.

Saleh’s speech was an attempt to regain control of the situation against the protests, and seemed to confirm that he is not going to transfer power to the opposition.