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Tribal Mediation Leads to Mysterious Exchange of Gunfire

Out of 2000 sheikhs and notables from Bani Bahlul, Bilad al-Rus and Sanhan came to the capital Sana’a to meet General Ali Mohsen after meeting president Saleh for reconciliation.

Both General Mohsen and President Saleh are members of the Sanhan tribe.

According to tribal sources, armored division soldiers affiliated to the general Ali Mohsen shot them with different types of weapons, leading to the death of four members of the mediation team and the injury of forty, including Ali Mohsen’s relative.

According to the same sources, notables and sheikhs are from the same area which Ali Mohsen comes from and president Saleh’s brother and Mohsen’s brother were among the mediators.

Tribal members came to the capital in peaceful protests loyal to the president and went to the headquarters of the first armored division to demand Ali Mohsen to reverse his decision to support the JMP and return to the constitutional legitimacy.

The sources also reported that Armored Division soldiers were affiliated with al-Iman University and people from JMP opened fire as well.

In a totally opposite account, Ali Mohsen’s office issued a statement where he accused the authorities of the assassination attempt.