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Northern Tribes Disown Sadeq al-Ahmar

Shiekh Sadiq Al-Ahmar

Local sources reported that a meeting was held among Hashid tribes on Monday in Kharef, north of Amran governorate and a vote of no-confidence was made of the sheikh and leader of the Hashid tribe, Sadeq Al-ahmar

This meeting comes after the murderer of two supporters of President Saleh while coming back from a pro-government rally in the Saba’een area on Friday in the capital Sana’a.

The First armored division allegedly shot a group of the president’s supporters while passing from of Sitteen Street Adjacent to the camp.

The divivision is led by Ali Mohsin Al-Ahmar who split from the Yemeni army, and the deaths were of two members of al-Kharef tribe in Amran.

Some Hashid tribesmen have demanded Sheikh Sadeq al-Ahmar to stand on their side, noting that he is the sheikh of all the Hashid sheikhs and as a successor to his father, who was speaker of the parliament.

Sadeq al-Ahmar was appointed as the sheikh of sheikhs in Amran in 2008 and joined the Yemeni opposing revolution in the beginning of February, 2011.