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Youth Committee Issues Demands for Transition

The Organizing Committee of the Youth Revolution announces 6 goals of the change revolution in Yemen and addresses nine demands for a transitional period.


The Organizing Committee of the youth revolution announced on Monday Monday several goals of the change revolution in Yemen, foremost among them:


The overthrow the individual and family regime, and the determination of a time for a transitional period and several demands in addition, including


Freeze the assets of the president, all his relatives and the symbols of the former regime


Regain of funds looted from private and public properties, and prosecute the crimes of killing peaceful protesters



1- Overthrow the arbitrary rule of this family regime


2- Build a civil state of democracy which guarantees  rights and public freedoms, based on the principle of peaceful transfer of power and the separation of authorities and decentralization
3 – Achieve a comprehensive educational renaissance to meet the aspirations of the Yemeni people and regain its position of civilization
4 – Build a strong national economy to ensure a decent life for citizens
5 – Rebuild the military and security institution on a national basis to ensure modernity and neutrality
6 – Ensure the Independence of the judiciary to guarantee the application of justice and equality


Transitional period demands:


1-   President Ali Abdullah Saleh steps down along with his relatives from leadership positions in military and civilian institutions


2-   The formation of a temporary  presidential council composed of five or seven members of recognized competence, integrity and experience who represent all the national forces, yet they are not entitled to run for president status, prime minister or member of parliament before the lapse of a full election cycle


3-   A transition period doesn’t not exceed nine months and begins by declaring the annulment of the constitution and the dissolution of the current House of Representatives and the Shura Council and guarantees the rights and fundamental freedoms, among them of media and press and expression as well as the right to assembly, association and demonstration

4-   The temporary Presidential board undertakes the following tasks:

a)    Clarifies the President’s duties during the Transitional period

b)   Mandate a transitional and compatible national figure to form competent government within a period not exceeding two weeks.

c)    Integration of the  political and national security into a national security body affiliated with the Ministry of Interior and ensure the protection and homeland and respect for human rights
5- The formation of a transitional national council represented by the youth and political and national forces shall be as follows


1) Managing a transparent national dialogue which includes all configurations and discusses all the files and important issues, most importantly the issue of South and Sa’ada and come up with fair resolutions


2) Formation a committee of experts which drafts the findings of the interlocutors in the National Council of the proposals in the form of constitutional provisions to ensure a modern, democratic civil state based on the peaceful transfer of power, political pluralism and respects the rights and freedoms of citizens.
3) Adoption of necessary legislation to manage the transition period to be issued by a decision for the provisional presidential council.
4) Monitoring the performance of the Presidential Council and the competence of government of during the transition period
5) Formation of a higher committee for elections and referenda, and a resolution is to be issued by the temporary Presidential Council and undertakes the administration of a constitutional referendum and parliamentary electoral procedures


6) Restructuring of the judicial authority to ensure its independency from the executive and legislative branches under the principle of separation of power


7)  Prosecution of all those who killed or caused the death or injury of youth protestors and compensate the wounded and martyrs’ families


8) The abolition of special courts and private prisons and the release of all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience
9) The Freezing of the assets of the president and all his relatives and the symbols of the former regime, and the regaining of funds looted from private and public properties


Organizing Committee of the Youth Revolution

Monday – April, 11th, 2011

Change Square, Sana’a Yemen