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Hashid Sheikhs Criticize al-Ahmar

Hashid Tribes

Members of Hashid tribes declared their vote of “no confidence” in their Sheikh Sadeq Al-Ahmar, leader of the federation’s sheikhs, after he sided with the youth protestors whom they called “elements of subversion and chaos” and joined them in the change square.

In the meeting held among around half of the Hashid tribes, including the Bani Arjalah , Dhalimah, Udhr, al-Ulusaimat, Bani Sarim, Kharef, Hamdan, Sanhan and Bilad al-Rus, the attendees announced that Sadeq was no longer their sheikh because he was not committed to the traditions of the tribe and followed another path by joining the protesters.

In their statement also Hashid tribe also confirmed that Hashed is always known with their honorable and national positions that are against chaos and siding with the enemies of the republican system, unity, and democracy.

They considered that Sadeq al-Ahmar no longer had their trust and no longer has the authority to speak on behalf of the Hashid tribe.