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Several Dead and Wounded in Aden Clashes

Aden City - Aerial View

Two protestors were shot dead by army today Wednesday morning when they tried to prevent traffic to implement a campaign of civil disobedience in the city of Aden, South Yemen.

Human rights activist Ali al-Miqyadhi mentioned that army shot the protesters who put trash barrels in the streets to prevent traffic to implement their planned civil disobedience in the district of Mansoura in the city of Aden.

Some security forces were deployed in armored vehicles and others were equipped with water cannons in various parts of the city.

A Reuters reporter in Aden added that clashes didn’t occur until the police intervened to remove barriers on the roads.

Protestors demanded the fall of Ali Abdullah Saleh, who has ruled Yemen for 32 years.

Aden has been witnessing lately civil disobedience and a general strike despite the intensive deployment of armed soldiers in different areas of Aden.