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Hamid al-Ahmar Speaks on Southern Issue

Hameed Al-Ahmar

Southern leaders said that Hamid al-Ahmar have tried several times in the past to gain the south’s trust and feelings, and has accused him of disguising themselves today.

Prominent Southern leaders mentioned that the Yemeni the opposing figure Hamid al-Ahmar told them that the Southern issue is to be resolved possibly after a full three years after the departure of President.

He also reportedly said that the southern issue won’t be resolved until the increase of the southern seats in the Yemeni Parliament by up to 100 seats instead of 56 which is the current representation of the South today.

That was revealed by a prominent leader in the Southern Movement, Ahmed Omar bin Farid, in an article published yesterday in Aden Tomorrow titled “A little bit of anger, O sons of the South”.

The article also mentioned a meeting held between him and unidentified southern leader in which it clarified that Hamid al-Ahmar asked him to join the protests at change square and abandon the Southern Issue, as he considers that it no longer exists in the South and has been overcome by the revolution to overthrow the regime.

Bin Farid also mentioned in his article published in Aden tomorrow, “I was told by a southern leader with whom Hamid al-Ahmar had a very lengthy meeting, that he demanded the Southern Movement join the youth protests in change square and that he will increase the number of seats in the parliament by up to 100 and that the president will be initially from the South.:

Bin Farid added that this “tempting offer by Hamid Al-Ahmar wont be valid until the passing of three years from ‘the fall of the regime’”

Throughout several meetings with Hamid al-Ahmar, he allegedly refused to talk about the Southern cause in any way, which many people considered as a shift in his attitudes, as he used to talk about the Southern demands often in the previous years.