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Opposition Bristles at President’s “Mixing” Remarks

Saleh renewed his call for dialogue and said that he calls the opposition to refer to its conscience and get engaged in the dialogue to reach an agreement for the sake of the security and stability of the country.

In a massive rally on Friday April 15th, 2011 called by the president’s supporters “Friday of Dialogue,” Saleh talked to his allies saying that these massive rallies are the biggest referendum on his legitimacy and delivers a clear message to everyone on constitutional legitimacy.

He accused the opposition of lying and blocking streets, warning of mixed gender gatherings, indicating, in essence, to the female protestors among opposition in the change square that they should go home.

Tens of thousands protested against the regime in change square of Sana’a demanding the immediate fall of President Saleh on Friday, which they named “Friday of Determination” confirming their rejection of any initiative that doesn’t include the immediate stepping down of the president.

The President’s comments on the mixing in the their gatherings irritated the opposition which considered it an insult to the female protestors.

Amin al-Ukaimi, one of the prominent sheikhs of Bakil tribe regarded the president’s speech as a moral crime, he told journalists.

Females mobilized protests last Saturday heading to the attorney general’s office denouncing the presidents’ speech as insulting.

Also the Organizing Committee called for a protest of dignity and honor on Sunday April, 17th, 2011 in response to the president’s speech.

This is the third month of the Yemeni protests and the Gulf’s initiatives have not seemed to satisfy any side, yet media sources talked about an American timetable for the president’s transfer of power and the departure of his son, brothers and nephews.

It has also been reported that Washington held an agreement concluded between the political parties of the authority and opposition in Yemen including the transfer of power to the Deputy President in a time period not exceeding one month and without any prosecution.

The initiative also included the departure of the president’s son and his cousin Ammar Mohammed Abdullah Saleh along with Ali Mohsen.